Travel Guidance to Bangkok 

Most tourists visit Thailand from mid-October to late February. Most of the hotels are full during these days because of its perfect weather and coincides with Christian New Year. The next choice is July & August. International flights are done from Bangkok’s new airport which was opened in 2006 and is located at southeast of Bangkok. Tourists can use different vehicles for intercity travels.

Places which should be visited:

Bangkok is often called “east Venice” because of its canals. Boating is organized for visiting Khmer wats and riverside swellings. You will be interested in foods at the time of walking in the Bangkok’s streets. To be familiar with the culture of Bangkok, you should visit War Arun, the Grand Palace, Wat Parkeaw and Wat Pho. Chatuchak is another canal around Chao River. Emerald Buddha of Wat Phra Kaeo, Traymyt Temple, Royal Palace, Marble Trample, the water Market, Rose Garden around the River, Dream World, Wild World, Ayutthaya Historical City, the City’s Red Light.

Bangkok’s Bazaars:

Street Bazaars in Sukhumvit Street are so populated at nights. Most tourists are attracted in Patung Bazaars. Please visit Chatuchak park bazaar in the weekends. All types of goods are sold in this bazaar.

Working hours of shopping centers in Bangkok:

Most of the centers are open every day for 12 hours. Street’s bazaars and stores may be open more hours. Some of them are populated in the morning and some in the evening.

Rock Climbing in Bangkok:

There are several roofed salon for rock climbing in Bangkok. Rock Domain is the best one in the area of 1100 sqm of which 500 sqm is allocated to bouldering. This club has 11-m rope, leaden wall and Wi-Fi Internet.

Racquet is the other alternatives of this club. Height of internal wall is 13-m and its capacity is 13 rock climbers.

Boxing Match:

To watch the Boxing match is an unrepeatable experience. Two main stadium of Bangkok are Lumpini in Ram Intra St. located at the north side of Bangkok and Ratchadamoen in Ratchadamnoen St. You can buy tickets of these matches in stadiums or hotels.

Souvenirs of Bangkok:

Traditional pillows, handicrafts such as painted umbrellas, handmade traditional bags, Thai silk and jewelry are souvenirs of this country.

Tramples of Bangkok:

Tramples of Bangkok are the most popular places. Sleeping Buddha, in the length of 46-m and height of 15-m, is the biggest and the oldest one which is located around royal palace. It made of gold and has pearl in its eyes. But the holiest one is The Emerald Buddha and is located in this Palace and made of green stone.

Water Market:

This market is located at 80-km southwest of Bangkok and constructed on water canal. Fruit and vegetables are sold on the boat by local women. It is a place for selling and purchasing.

Wild World:

One of the world’s biggest zoos is in Bangkok and has two main parts. One of them is for wild animal and the other one for sea animals. The visitors can see feeding of lion and tiger. The most excited part is tropical forest with hungry crocodiles and gorillas. On the other side of this park, you can see boxing of monkeys. Dolphins are playing with ball, singing or kissing the tourists and shake hand with them in the sea park.

Burnt City:

Ayutthaya, one of the historical places, was the capital of Thailand for 417 years. It is located in the 89-km of north of Bangkok and its’ architecture is a combination of Cambodian and Sukhothai period and now its name is written in the list of UNESCO’s world Heritage.

Coral Island:

One of the main attractions of Thailand is a day trip to Coral Island. This Island is so beautiful and quite with coral. Glass-bottomed boats are used to see the corals.

Elephant Riding:

Elephant riding is a different kind of riding. It is one of the most popular tourist programs, because you can enjoy the beauty of nature along the way.

Rose Garden:

Rose Garden in the area of 75 square kilometer is one of the most spectacular places in Bangkok which is located at the distance of 30-km this city and there is a beautiful lake in it. This garden is a place for cultural shows including Thai Boxing, traditional dance of this country, Thai wedding ceremony, fencing and movie show. Traditional handicrafts of this country are exhibited for tourists.

Kwai River is located at the distance of 130-Km and is famous for its bridge, because 16 thousands of war captives lost their life during World War II at the time of “Death Railway” construction. 

Khaosan Street:

Khaosan Street in the length of 1-km is the most popular and famous street and is located at the north side of Great Palace. There are many cheap places to stay. Also most of tour agencies are located at this street.     

Yoawarant Street, Chinatown:

Yoawarant Street is Chinatown in Bangkok which is one tourist attractions and famous for its restaurants in large number. 

Dream World Amusement Park:

Types of funs and amusements are gathered in Dream World with thriller, water, intellectual games and types of fantasy and musical shows for having a happy day, full of excitement and Adrenaline. This amusement park in the area of 160 Hectare is located in Thailand and opened in 1993. Dream World has much attraction such as elevated railroad, racing lane, Ice Land, Roller- coaster, Telecabin, types of trains, horse and .... This games was brought to this park during several years, for example, Super Splash was brought in 1995 and snow land in 1997.   


Grand Palace:

Grand Palace and Emerald Buddha are Thailand’s tourist attraction which is visited by any visitor. This palace is a complex of buildings which has been the official residence of the kings of Thailand from the late 18th century to the middle of 20th century. Its’ construction began in 1782 with wood has ended during coronation period of the first Rama.

Temple of Emerald Buddha:

The Emerald Buddha is the holiest figurine in Thailand and its temple is located in Grand Palace in Bangkok. This seated Buddha, made of green stone and clothed in gold, is about 45cm height.


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